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Parish Background

St. Basil's parish celebrated it’s 100th Anniversary in 2001. The parish was formed from a group of people from the Sub Carpatho-Russian province of Galicia who had settled in the Maplewood area, Town of Colonie near Albany, NY. The church was established by 19 men, inspired by Father (now Saint) Alexander Hotovitsky, who helped organize parishes all along the east coast. In January 1901, the Brotherhood of St. Basil the Great was formed and His Grace, Bishop Tikhon of the Aleutians and North America blessed the members of the Brotherhood to construct a church building.

The cornerstone was laid and blessed by Father Alexander Hotovitsky on November 21, 1901. Father Alexander traveled from New York City to conduct liturgical services for the people of St. Basil's.

The congregation continued to grow and a new, larger church became necessary and was blessed by Metropolitan Theophilus in September 1945.  Many of the parishioners lived in the Maplewood area surrounding the church.

This church building remains to this day and has been the site of countless Sacraments and Blessings to the many generations of St. Basil's parish.  An excellent choir under the directorship of Michael Mellin sings for all services.

Upcoming Events

 May 4- Pascha Dinner

June 13-14- Parish Garage Sale 

9 a.m. – 3 p.m.


Upcoming Services


 Lazarus Saturday – April 12

   9:00 am -- Divine Liturgy

   5:30 pm – Vigil

Palm Sunday April 13

   9:30 am – Divine Liturgy





Great and Holy Monday – April 14

   5:30 pm – Confession

   6:00 pm -- Presanctified Liturgy  

 Great and Holy Tuesday – April 15

   5:30 pm - Confession

   6:00 pm – Presanctified Liturgy

 Great and Holy Wednesday – April 16

   5:30 pm - Confession

   6:00 pm – Mystery of Holy Unction.

  Great and Holy Thursday – April 17

   9:00 am – Vespers

   6:00 pm – Matins

 Great and Holy Friday – April 18

     3:00 pm – Vespers

     7:00 pm – Matins

Great and Holy Saturday – April 19

8:00 am – Vespers

2:00 pm – Blessing of Pascha baskets

11:15 pm – Midnight Service

11:45 pm - Procession

 HOLY PASCHA – April 20

  12:00 am – Divine Liturgy.  

  11:00 am – Paschal Vespers

 FastFree Week

Bright Monday – April 21                                                      

  9:00 am – Divine Liturgy


Bright Saturday April 26                                                

   5:30 pm – GreatVespers


St. Thomas Sunday – April 27

   9:30 am – Divine Liturgy


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To make a donation to our church, please send your check to:

St. Basil Orthodox Church
6 Lansing Avenue
Watervliet, New York 12189