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The Parable of the Sower, October 18, 2020

files/Sermon-on-the-Parable-of-the-Sower.pdf (25kb)

Earthly Life ~ The Path to Eternal Life, October 11, 2020

files/Earthly-Life--The-Path-to-Eternal-Life.pdf (35kb)

Love Your Enemies - October 4, 2020

files/Love-Your-Enemies.pdf (61kb)

Sermon Sunday, September 27, 2020 - "From Now On You Will Be Catching Men"

files/From-Now-On-You-Will-Be-Catching-Men.pdf (28kb)

Sermon - "What is the Greatest Commandment?" September 20, 2020

files/What-is-the-Greatest-Commandment-Sept-20-2020.pdf (46kb)

Sermon on the Parable of the Wedding Feast, September 13, 2020

files/Sermon-on-the-Parable-of-the-Wedding-Feast-9132020.pdf (34kb)

Sermon on the Parable of the Vineyard, September 6, 2020

files/Parable-of-the-Vineyard.pdf (28kb)

Sermon on the Rich Young Man, Sunday, August 30, 2020

files/Sermon-on-the-Rich-Young-Man.pdf (27kb)

Sermon on the Parable of the Two Debtors, Sunday, August 23, 2020

files/Sermon-on-the-Parable-of-the-Two-Debtors.pdf (29kb)

Sermon on the Lunatic Boy - Matthew 17:14-23, August 16, 2020

files/2---On-Faith-Prayer-and-Fasting.-August-16-2020.pdf (70kb)

The Healing of Two Blind Men, July 26, 2020

files/Sermon-on-the-Healing-of-Two-Blind-Men-July-26-2020.pdf (25kb)

Raising of the Paralytic, July 19, 2020

files/Raising-of-the-Paralytic-July-19-2020.pdf (25kb)

Sermon on Casting the Demons into the Herd of Swine, July 12, 2020

files/Sermon-of-the-Casting-of-the-Demons-Into-the-Herd-of-Swine-July-12-2020.pdf (39kb)

Sermon on Sunday, July 5, 2020 - Baptizing Infants

files/5-Sermon-on-baptizing-infants.pdf (48kb)

Sex and Teenagers

files/Sex-and-Teenagers-edited-copy.pdf (53kb)

Sermon - Do Not Be Anxious, Sunday, June 28, 2020 - Matthew 6:22-33

files/Sermon---Do-Not-be-Anxious-Sunday-June-28-2020.pdf (31kb)

Sermon on All Saints of America and Russia, June 21, 2020

files/All-Saints-of-America-June-21-2020.pdf (29kb)

Sermon on the Sunday of All Saints, June 14, 2020

files/Sermon-on-All-Saints-Sunday-June-14-2020.pdf (25kb)

Sermon on the Healing of the Man Born Blind, May 24, 2020

files/2-Sermon-on-the-Man-Born-Blind.pdf (24kb)

Sermon of Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeev) on Holy Thursday, April 16, 2020

files/Sermon-of-Metropolitan-Hilarion-Alfeev-on-Holy-Thursday-2020.pdf (33kb)

On the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, St. Thomas Sunday, April 26, 2020

files/2-On-the-Divinity-of-Our-Lord-Jesus-Christ.pdf (57kb)

Sermon on the 3rd Sunday of Great Lent, Veneration of the Holy Cross, March 22, 2020

files/Sermon-on-the-Sunday-of-the-Cross-March-22-2020.pdf (33kb)

Sermon on the Raising of the Paralytic, March 15, 2020

files/6-Sermon-on-the-Raising-of-the-Paralytic-March-15-2020.pdf (25kb)

Sermon on the Sunday of Orthodoxy, March 8, 2020

files/2-Sermon-on-the-Sunday-of-Orthodoxy-March-8-2020.pdf (55kb)

Sermon on Forgivesness Sunday, March 1, 2020

files/Sermon-on-Forgiveness-Sunday-March-1-2020.pdf (29kb)

Sermon given on Meatfare Sunday - The Last Judgement - February 23, 2020

files/Sermon-on-Meatfare-Sunday-February-23-2020.pdf (26kb)

Sermon given on the Sunday of the Prodigal Son (on the Divine Liturgy), February 16, 2020

files/Sermon-on-the-Sunday-of-the-Prodigal-Son-February-16-2020-.pdf (31kb)

Sermon on the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee (Preparing for Great Lent), February 9, 2020

files/Sermon---Lent-is-Approaching-292020.pdf (28kb)

Sermon on the Feast of the Meeting of the Lord, February 2, 2020

files/Sermon-on-the-Feast-of-the-Meeting-of-the-Lord.pdf (25kb)

Lives of some of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia

files/Lives-of-New-Martyrs-and-Confessors-of-Russia.pdf (353kb)

Sermon on the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, January 26, 2020

files/Sermon-on-the-Holy-New-Martyrs-and-Confessors-of-Russia-January-26-2020.pdf (25kb)

Sermon on the Blind Man, Luke 18:35-43, Sunday, January 19, 2020

files/Sermon-on-the-Blind-Man-January-19-2020-Luke-1835-43.pdf (31kb)

Sermon of Hieroschemamonk Ambrose (formerly Fr. Alexey Young) on St. Mark of Ephesus, January 19, 2020

files/St.-Mark-of-Ephesus.pdf (67kb)

Sermon of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow on the Sunday of Orthodoxy (St. Mark of Ephesus), January 19, 2020

files/Sermon-of-Pat.-Kirill-on-Sunday-of-Orthodoxy.pdf (20kb)

Sermon on the Sunday After Theophany, January 12, 2020

files/Sermon-on-the-Sunday-After-Theophany-January-12-2020.pdf (27kb)

Sermon on the Sunday Before Theophany, Mark 1:1-8, January 5, 2020

files/2-Sermon-on-the-Sunday-before-Theophany-Jan-5-2020.pdf (36kb)

Sermon on the Sunday After the Nativity, December 29, 2019

files/Sermon---Sunday-After-Nativity-December-29-2019.pdf (35kb)

Sermon on the Great Banquet, Luke 14:16-24, December 15, 2019

files/Sermon-on-the-Great-Banquet.pdf (53kb)

Sermon - Christ Heals the Ten Lepers, Luke 17:12-19, December 8, 2019

files/3-Sermon---Ten-Lepers---December-8-2019.pdf (55kb)

Sermon - Bigger Barns, Luke 12:16-21, November 17, 2019

files/3-Bigger-Barns-November-17-2019.pdf (35kb)

Raising the Daughter of Jairus, November 3, 2019, Luke 8:41-56

files/2-Sermon---Raising-of-the-Daughter-of-Jairus-November-3-2019.pdf (37kb)

Sermon on casting out the demons from the Gadarene, October 27, 2019, Luke 8:26-39

files/Sermon-on-the-Gadarenes.pdf (29kb)

Sermon on the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, Luke 16:19-31, October 20, 2019

files/Sermon---Rich-Man-and-Lazarus---October-20-2019.pdf (33kb)

Sermon on the Sunday of the Holy Fathers of the 7th Ecumenical Council, October 13, 2019

files/2-Sermon-on-the-Holy-Fathers-of-the-7th-Ecumenical-Council-October-13-2019.pdf (28kb)

Sermon on John 10:9-16, Sunday, October 6, 2019

files/Sermon-Revised-October-6-2019.pdf (26kb)

Sermon on Luke 6:31-36, "Do unto others...." Sunday, September 29, 2019

files/Sermon---Do-Unto-Others.....pdf (25kb)

Sermon on the Abundant Catch of Fish, Sunday, September 22, 2019 Luke 5:1-11

files/Sermon-on-the-Abundant-Catch-of-Fish-September-22-2019.pdf (34kb)

Sermon on the Sunday after the Elevation of the Cross, September 15, 2019

files/Sermon-on-the-Sunday-after-the-Elevation-September-15-2019.pdf (31kb)

Sermon on Love, Sunday, September 1, 2019

files/Sermon-on-Love-September-1-2019.pdf (27kb)

Sermon on the Casting out of the Demon from the Epileptic, Matthew 17:14-23, August 25, 2019

files/3-Sermon-on-the-epileptic-August-25-2019.pdf (29kb)

Sermon on Sunday, August 18, 2019.  Apostle Peter Walks on Water, Matthew 14:22-34

files/Sermon---Apostle-Peter-walks-on-water-Matt.-1422-34.pdf (26kb)

Sermon on the Five Loaves and Two Fishes, Matt. 14:14-22

files/Sermon-on-the-five-loaves-and-two-fishes.pdf (27kb)

Sermon of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow on the 100th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Royal Passion-Bearers

files/Sermon-of-Patriarch-Kyrill.pdf (63kb)

Sermon on the Healing of the Centurion's Servant, Matt. 8:5-13

files/2-Sermon-on-the-Healing-of-the-Centurions-Servant.pdf (29kb)

Sermon on Matthew 6:22-33, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God"

files/Sermon-on-22Seek-ye-first-the-Kingdom-of-God22.pdf (50kb)

Sermon on the Sunday of All Saints of America and Russia, June 30, 2019

files/III-Sermon-on-the-Sunday-of-All-Saints-of-America-and-Russia.pdf (30kb)

Sermon on Sunday of All Saints, June 23, 2019

files/Sermon-on-Sunday-of-All-Saints-June-23-2019.pdf (26kb)

Sermon on Pentecost, June 16, 2019

files/Sermon-on-Pentecost.pdf (24kb)

Sermon on the Sunday of the Holy Fathers, June 9, 2019

files/Sermon-on-the-Sunday-of-the-Holy-Fathers-June-9-2019.pdf (32kb)

Why the Priest Blesses Our Homes Once a Year With Holy Water, June 2, 2019

files/Why-the-Priest-blesses-Our-Homes-Once-a-Year-With-Holy-Water.pdf (32kb)

Sunday of the Samaritan Woman, May 26, 2019, John 4:5-42

files/Sermon-on-the-Samaritan-Woman-May-26-2019.pdf (34kb)

Sunday of the Paralytic, May 19, 2019, John 5:1-15

files/Sermon-on-the-Sunday-of-the-Paralytic-May-19-2019.pdf (29kb)

Sunday of the Myrrhbearers, May 12, 2019

files/Sermon-on-the-Sunday-of-the-Myrrhbearing-Women-May-12-2019.pdf (26kb)

Sermon on Thomas Sunday, May 5, 2019

files/Sermon-on-Thomas-Sunday-May-5-2019.pdf (34kb)

Palm Sunday - April 21, 2019

files/Sermon-on-Palm-Sunday-April-21-2019.pdf (30kb)

5th Sunday of Lent - Woman with the Alabaster Jar of Ointment - April 14, 2019

files/Sermon-5th-Sunday-of-Lent-April-14-2019.pdf (34kb)

4th Sunday of Lent - Healing of the Boy Possessed by a Demon - April 7, 2019

files/Sermon---4th-Sunday-of-Lent---Healing-the-Demoniac-April-7-2019.pdf (30kb)

3rd Sunday of Great Lent - Veneration of the Cross.  March 31, 2019

files/Sermon-on-the-3rd-Sunday-of-Lent-the-Cross-March-31-2019.pdf (41kb)

2nd Sunday of Great Lent.  Gregory Palamas and the Paralytic.  March 24, 2019

files/No.-2--The-Paralytic-and-Forgiveness-of-Sins-March-24-2019.pdf (32kb)

Sermon on the Sunday of Orthodoxy, March 17, 2019

files/Sermon-on-the-Sunday-of-Orthodoxy-March-17-2019.pdf (27kb)

Sermon on Forgiveness Sunday, March 10, 2019

files/Sermon-on-Forgiveness-Sunday-March-10-2019.pdf (58kb)

Sermon on the Healing of the Daughter of the Canaanite Woman, Sunday, February 3, 2019

files/Sermon-on-the-Faith-of-the-Canaanite-Woman-232019.pdf (32kb)

Sermon on the New-Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, Sunday, January 27, 2019

files/Sermon-on-the-New-martyrs-of-Russia-January-27-2019.pdf (25kb)

Sermon on the Sunday After Theophany, January 13, 2019

files/II-Sermon-on-the-Sunday-After-Theophany-January-13-2019.pdf (29kb)

Sermon on Theophany, Sunday, January 6, 2019

files/Sermon-on-Theophany---January-6-2018.pdf (31kb)

Sermon on the Sunday After the Nativity of Christ, December 30, 2018

files/Sermon-on-the-Sunday-After-Nativity-December-30-2018.pdf (30kb)

Sermon on the Nativity of Christ, December 25, 2018

files/Sermon-on-the-Nativity-of-Christ-12252018.pdf (32kb)

Sermon on the Sunday Before the Nativity, December 23, 2018

files/Sunday-Before-Nativity.pdf (21kb)

Sermon on the Sunday of the Holy Forefathers, December 16, 2018

files/Sermon-on-the-Holy-Forefathers-December-16-2018.pdf (27kb)

Sermon on the Miracle of St. Nicholas, December 9, 2018

files/Sermon-on-the-Miracle-of-St.-Nicholas.pdf (38kb)

Sermon at Funeral of Leonard Madcharo, December 4, 2018

files/Sermon-at-Funeral-of-Leonard-Madcharo.pdf (26kb)

Sermon on the Rich Ruler, Luke 18:18-27, December 2, 2018

files/Sermon-on-the-Rich-Ruler-December-2-2018.pdf (28kb)

Sermon - Sabbath Controversy, Luke 13:10-17, November 25, 2018

files/Sermon---Sabbath-Controversy---Luke-1310-17-November-25-2018.pdf (34kb)

Sermon - Tear Down Those Barns - Luke 12:16-21

files/Sermon---Tear-Down-Those-Barns.pdf (41kb)

Sermon at Funeral of William S. Rentz, November 12, 2018

files/Sermon-on-Bill-Rentzs-Funeral.pdf (34kb)

Sermon on the Good Samaritan, Luke 10:25-37, November 11, 2018

files/Sermon-on-the-Good-Samaritan-111118.pdf (34kb)

Sermon:  Touch the Hem of His Garment, Luke 8:41-56, November 4, 2018

files/Touch-the-Hem-of-His-Garment.pdf (28kb)

Sermon of the Gadarene Demoniac, Luke 8:26-39, Sunday, October 28, 2018

files/Sermon-on-the-Gadarene-Demoniac-102818.pdf (28kb)

Sermon on the Rich Man and Poor Lazarus, Luke:16:19-31, Sunday, October 21, 2018

files/Sermon---The-Rich-Man-and-Poor-Lazarus-102118.pdf (29kb)

Sermon on the Parable of the Sower, Luke 8:5-15, Sunday, October 14, 2018

files/Sermon-on-the-Parable-of-the-Sower-10142018.pdf (28kb)

Sermon - Raising the son of the widow of Nain, Luke 7:11-16, Sunday, October 7, 2018

files/Sermon---raising-the-son-of-the-widow-of-Nain.pdf (28kb)

Sermon - Love Your Enemies, Luke 6:31-36, Sunday, September 30, 2018

files/Sermon---Love-Your-Enemies.pdf (32kb)

Sermon on the large catch of fish, Luke 5:1-11, Sunday, September 23, 2018

files/Sermon-the-large-catch-of-fish.pdf (27kb)

Sermon on the Parable of the Talents, Matt.25-14-30, Sunday, September 16, 2018 

files/Sermon---Parable-of-the-Talents-September-16-2018.pdf (27kb)

Sermon on the Sunday Before the Elevation of the Cross, John 3:13-17, September 9, 2018

files/Sermon-on-the-Sunday-befor-the-Elevation.pdf (27kb)

Sermon on the Parable of the Wedding Feast, Matt. 22:1-14, September 2, 2018

files/Sermon---the-parable-of-the-wedding-feast.pdf (29kb)

Sermon on the Parable of the Vineyard - Matt. 21:33-42, Sunday, August 26, 2018

files/Parable-of-the-Vineyard-8262018.pdf (37kb)

Sermon on the Unforgiving Servant - Matt. 18:23-35, Sunday, August 12, 2018

files/Sermon---The-Unforgiving-Servant.pdf (28kb)

Sermon on the Possessed Young Man - Matt. 17:14-23, Sunday, August 5, 2018

files/Sermon-on-the-Possessed-Young-Man.pdf (29kb)

Sermon on the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, Sunday, June 24, 2018

files/St.-John-the-Baptist-sermon.pdf (64kb)

Sermon on the 3rd Sunday After Pentecost, Matt. 6:22-33, June 17, 2018

files/Sermon-on-Matt.-622-33-6172018.pdf (32kb)

Second Sunday After Pentecost, All Saints of America, June 10, 2018

files/All-Saints-of-America-Sunday-June-10-2018.pdf (26kb)

Sermon on the Sunday of All Saints, June 3, 2018

files/All-Saints-Sunday-June-3-2018.pdf (27kb)

Sermon on Pentecost, May 27, 2018

files/Pentecost-May-27-2018.pdf (58kb)

Sermon on the Sunday of the Holy Fathers of the 1st Ecumenical Council, May 20, 2018


Sermon on the Sunday of the Blind Man, May 13, 2018

files/Sunday-of-the-Blind-Man-May-13-2017.pdf (29kb)

Children and the Church - Sermon given on Sunday, May 4, 2018

files/Sermon-on-Children-and-the-Church-5618.pdf (29kb)

Sermon on the Sunday of the Paralytic, April 29, 2018

files/On-the-Paralytic.pdf (30kb)

Sermon on the Sunday of the Myrrhbearing Women, April 22, 2018

files/Myrrhbearing-Women.pdf (32kb)

Sermon on Thomas Sunday, April 15, 2018 - On Faith

files/Sermon---St.-Thomas-Sunday---April-15-2018.pdf (30kb)

Sermon on Palm Sunday, April 1, 2018

files/Palm-Sunday-Sermon.pdf (28kb)

Sermon on the Annunciation - March 25, 2018

files/Sermon-on-the-Annunciation.pdf (45kb)

Sermon on the 4th Sunday of Lent, of St. John Climacus, March 18, 2018


Sermon on the 3rd Sunday of Lent - Veneration of the Holy Cross - March 11, 2018


Sermon on the 2nd Sunday of Lent, March 4, 2018.  On the Paralytic (Mark 2:1-12)

files/2nd-Sunday-of-Lent---The-Paralytic.pdf (28kb)

Sermon on the Sunday of Orthodoxy, February 25, 2018

files/Orthodoxy-Sunday-Sermon-2018.pdf (29kb)

Rector's Report, Annual Parish Meeting, February 4, 2018

files/Rectors-Report-Annual-Meeting-2018.pdf (40kb)

Sermon on Forgiveness Sunday, February 18, 2018

files/Sermon-on-Forgiveness-Sunday-February-18-2018.pdf (35k...

Meat-fare (Judgment Sunday), February 11, 2018

files/Meat-fare-Judgment-Sunday-Feb.-11-2018.pdf (28kb)

Sermon on the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee January 28, 2018


Sermon - Zacchaeus Sunday - January 21, 2018

files/Sermon---Zacchaeus-Sunday-January-21-2018.pdf (39kb)

Sermon - Jesus Heals the Blind Man, Luke 18:35-43, Sunday, January 14, 2018


Sermon - Synaxis of St. John the Baptist, January 7, 2018


Sermon on the Flight Into Egypt, Matthew 2:13-23, December 31, 2017

files/Sermon---Flight-into-Egypt-2-December-31-2017.pdf (32k...

Sermon at Divine Liturgy on the Nativity of the Lord, December 25, 2017

files/Sermon---Nativity-of-the-Lord-Dec.-25-2017-3.pdf (28kb...

Sermon on the Sunday before the Nativity, the Genealogy, Matthew 1: 1-25, December 24, 2017

files/Sermon-on-the-Genealogy-3.pdf (32kb)

Sermon on the Parable of the Banquet, Luke 14:16-24, December 17, 2017

files/Sermon---Parable-of-the-banquet.pdf (34kb)

Sermon on the Healing of the Ten Lepers, Luke 17:12-19, December 10, 2017


Sermon on St. Alexander Hotovitsky, December 3, 2017


Sermon - Healing of the Woman on the Sabbath, Luke 13:10-17, November 26, 2017

files/Sermon---Healing-of-Woman-on-the-Sabbath.pdf (31kb)

Sermon - Bigger Barns, Luke 12:16-21,  November 19, 2017

files/Sermon-Bigger-Barns-11192017.pdf (28kb)

Welcome Sermon at Healing Service, November 17, 2017

files/Healing-Service-Wecome-Sermon.pdf (25kb)

Sermon on the Good Samaritan, Luke 10:25-37, November 12, 2017

files/Sermon-on-the-Good-Samaritan.pdf (30kb)

Sermon:  Jesus Heals the Woman With the Issue of Blood and Raises the Daughter of Jairus, Luke 8:41-56, November 5, 2017

files/Sermon-on-woman-with-issue-of-blood-11517.pdf (29kb)

Sermon: Jesus Heals the Demoniac and Casts the Demons Into a Herd of Swine, Luke 8:26-39, October 29, 2017

files/Sermon---Jesus-Heals-the-Demoniac---102917.pdf (31kb)

Sermon on the Rich Man and Lazarus, Luke 16:19-31, October 22, 2017

files/Sermon---Rich-man-and-Lazarus.pdf (33kb)

Sermon on the Parable of the Sower, Luke 8:5-15, October 15, 2017

files/Sermon---Parable-of-the-Sower-101517.pdf (29kb)

Sermon on the raising of the son of the widow of Nain, Luke 7:11-16, October 8, 2017

iles/Sermon-on-raising-the-son-of-the-widow-of-Nain.pdf (29...

Sermon on Luke 6:31-36, Love Your Enemies, October 1, 2017

files/Sermon-on-love.pdf (28kb)

Sermon on Romans 8:28-39, Hardship and Loving the Lord, September 24, 2017

files/Sermon-Romans-8-28-39-9242017.pdf (29kb)

Sermon on Denying Ourselves and Taking Up our Cross, Mark 8:34-9:1, September 17, 2017

files/Sermon-on-Denying-Ourselves-9172017.pdf (28kb)

Sermon on the Epistle 13th Sunday After Pentecost, September 3, 2017

files/Sermon-1-Cor.-16-13-24---9317.pdf (31kb)

Sermon on the rich young man, Matthew 19: 16-26, given Sunday, August 27, 2017

files/Sermon-on-the-young-rich-man.pdf (29kb)

Sermon on forgiving debts and how we treat one another, Matt. 18: 23-35, given August 20, 2017

files/Sermon-on-the-Unforgiving-Servant.pdf (31kb)

Procession of the Cross - August 1, 2017 - Given at Holy Myrrhbearers Monastery, Otego, NY

files/Sermon---Procession-of-the-Cross.pdf (32kb)

Sermon on Matthew 17: 14-23, Jesus heals the possessed child ("epileptic"), given August 13, 2017

files/SERMON---81319---JESUS-HEALS-THE-EPILEPTIC.pdf (32kb)

Homily at Walter Spiak's funeral, June 21, 2017

files/Walter-Spiak-eulogy.pdf (27kb)

Sermon on Mother's Day, May 14, 2017

files/Mothers-Day-Sermon-2017.pdf (36kb)

Sermon on Matthew 8:28 - 9:1, Jesus casts the demons into the herd of swine, given July 9, 2017

files/Sermon-on-the-Gergesenes---July-9-2017.pdf (30kb)

Homily at the funeral for Vera Szabiet, July 29, 2017

files/Funeral-sermon-for-Vera-Szabiet.pdf (26kb)

Homily at the funeral for Andrew Tarbay, July 7, 2017

files/Eulogy-Andy-Tarbay.pdf (29kb)

Sermon on Matthew 17: 1-9, Feast of the Holy Transfiguration, August 6, 2017

files/Sermon-of-the-Transfiguration-8617.pdf (28kb)

Sermon on Matthew 14: 14-22, Feeding the five thousand, given July 30, 2017

files/Sermon---Feeding-the-Five-Thousand.pdf (38kb)

Sermon on Matthew 9: 27-35, Jesus heals two blind men, given July 23, 2017

files/Sermon-Matt.-9-27-35.pdf (30kb)

Sermon on Matthew 9: 1-8, Jesus heals a paralytic, given July 16, 2017

files/Sermon-on-the-Paralytic---71617.pdf (25kb)

Sermon on St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, given July 2, 2017

files/Sermon-on-St.-John-Maximovitch-2017.pdf (30kb)

Sermon on Matthew 6:22 - 33, The eye is the lamp of the body, given June 25, 2017

files/The-eye-is-the-lamp-of-the-body.pdf (27kb)

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